What’s better when you’re losing weight; bread or crackers? What do you think?


The answer isn’t what you’d expect!

A lot of people see bread as something that makes you fat and want to cut it from their diet. Instead of bread, they start eating crackers or rice cakes. But are crackers really healthier than bread?

Apparently not! The Netherlands Nutrition Centre claims it’s best to eat a slice of whole grain bread. Why? Crackers usually contain less fibers than a slice of bread, and rice cakes even containĀ zero of them! That’s unfortunate, because if you want to lose weight, you really need those fibers. They make sure you feel full (which means you’ll snack less) and they make sure your metabolism starts working. Plus, crackers often contain lots of saturated fats as well. Bread, and in particular whole grain bread, contains very little saturated fat. The same goes for rice cakes, but those are an ’empty’ snack without any nutritional value. So, do you want to lose weight and make sure that you stay full and your metabolism works properly? Choose a slice of bread instead!

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Images: Pexels