Here’s what happens to flowers that the royals get from the public

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Do you think they keep all the flowers they receive?

Whenever the royal family ventures out into the world, they end up with the most beautiful bouquets. Some people even leave flowers at the gates of Buckingham Palace. But what happens to this colorful collection of flowers? Find out below what happens to the bouquets that the royal family receives from the public.

Beautiful flowers

According to Town and Country, there are a few things that the royals do with all the flowers they receive from the public. First of all, they thank the person who gave them the flowers. After that, the flowers will be given to a member of staff or one of the security guards. After they are done with their public appearance, the royals look through the bouquets and decided whether or not they want to keep them. If they don’t want to keep the flowers, they donate them to charity instead.


Whenever the royal family travels, they usually like to keep the flowers in the hotel rooms they’re staying in. Just to brighten the place up a little. But sometimes they just get too many flowers. And that is when they will donate flowers to charity. Examples of charities are local hospitals or other local organizations that could use the flowers.


But flowers aren’t the only things that the royals receive when they travel or interact with the public. Sometimes they get gifts. And whenever that happens, the gifts first have to be inspected by security and after they are marked as ‘safe’, the royals get to choose whether or not they want to keep the gifts. If the value of the gift is below 150 pounds, they can also gift the gift to a member of staff. Otherwise, the gifts will be given to charity too. How generous!

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Source: Beau Monde | Image: Unsplash, Samuel Regan-Asante