Warning: Primark has just recalled this product because it poses a big fire hazard!

This product from Primark poses a big fire hazard!

Primark doesn’t just sell all kinds of stylish and, most of all, cheap clothes, it also offers a large range of home decor products. Especially during the weeks leading up to Christmas, all stores are filled with fun and cosy Christmas decorations. It turns out, though, that not all of these products are very safe…

Primark recalls these Christmas tree-shaped candles due to them catching fire.

Jenny Fernyhough from Manchester figured she’d buy some nice home decor products from Primark to spruce up her home in time for the holidays. Among the things she bought were a few silver candles in the shape of Christmas trees. But after burning one of the candles for a little while, it caught fire completely, which brought about a dangerous situation in her home.

Metro UK decided to find out why it was that these candles can catch fire like this. According to Jenny, who they spoke to, it is due to the fact that the candles are covered in glitters. To warn people about this fire hazard, Jenny posted a picture on Facebook. Lucky for Jenny and her husband, they were sitting close to the candle when it caught fire, so they were able to avoid the fire spreading any further. Metro UK also spoke with a spokesperson for Primark, who said that the candles are being recalled immediately. They also stated that there will be an investigation to find out what went wrong with these candles.

If you did already buy these candles, please don’t light them! Instead, you can return them to a Primark near you.

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Source: Cosmopolitan | Image: Facebook