We bet you never noticed THIS at McDonald’s! You’ll always pay attention to it from now on!


Have you ever noticed this at McDonald’s?

There are some things you never really pay attention to, simply because you’re focusing on other (more important) things. For example, if you’re at McDonald’s, you’re not really paying attention to what kind of music is playing. You just want to make sure you’ve eaten all of your fries before they’ve gotten cold.

Classical music
So it’s no wonder that you probably never noticed that a lot of McDonald’s restaurants play classical music at night! It’s not really the type of music you’d expect at a fast food chain, but there’s a good reason behind it. During the day you won’t come across it, but when you step inside a random McDonald’s restaurant at night, it’s very likely you’ll be hearing Mozart or Bach over the speakers.

The first restaurant of the fast food chain to play classical music was one in the English town of Stockport, and they did it to calm people down. There were a couple of troublemakers causing unrest in the restaurant for a while, so they needed to come up with a way to keep these customers in check. A McDonald’s spokesperson said in an interview with The Sun that the company actually tested whether classical music helped at all. Research showed that customers did indeed become more calm because of it. Have you ever heard classical music at a McDonald’s restaurant? At least you’ll feel a lot more classy about cramming a Big Mac into your mouth when there’s some mellow piano music playing in the background.

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Source: Grazia | Image as illustration