THIS is what your favourite alcoholic drink says about your personality!

alcoholic drink

Your favourite alcoholic drink can say a lot about you as a person!

Many of us like to have a drink every now and then; beer, wine, a mixed drink or even some whiskey or gin. But did you know your favourite drink can actually tell you a lot about your personality? 

Favourite drink

Most of us will probably be able to think of one drink that’s our absolute favourite. Some people drink only beer while others prefer a glass of red wine instead and detest the taste of beer. We really don’t like strong liquor, but we love a good glass of wine! So, what’s your poison? It turns out your favourite alcoholic drink can actually tell you a lot about your personality. Keep reading to find out what yours says about you!


Vodka drinkers can be divided into two different groups: people who like vodka and people who’ve heared that a glass of vodka only contains 96 calories, is gluten free and doesn’t contain any sugar. Are you part of that last group? Then you probably worry a lot about your health and your weight.

Specialty beer

These days, there are people for whom the beer you drink has everything to do with your social status: if you drink specialty beer, you’re hip. You probably have a long beard, walk around with brown leather bags and wear skinny jeans.


Wine drinkers are true gossips. People who like a good glass of wine tend to reveal a lot of personal stuff about themselves but also about others. Whether they care to admit it or not; wine drinkers like to gossip every now and then.


People who love to drink whiskey are often a bit on the older side and have a lot of experience in life. They are mature and well-informed.

Mixed drink

Most people who prefer mixed drinks are still quite young, or they at least feel young. They don’t like the taste of alcohol and think it’s a little too strong. Diluting it with some soda is the best option, according to them.

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