Genius: with these ‘secret’ Netflix codes you can watch WAY more films and series!


This trick will give you way more options on Netflix!

Do you ever feel like you’ve seen pretty much everything Netflix has to offer, or like you’re constantly seeing the same films and series among your suggestions? If it seems as if the options are a bit limited, that’s because you’re only seeing those films and series that fit your preferences.

Because of this, there are tons of films and series you never get to see, unless you search for them specifically.

So, if you don’t know where to look, your search for something fun to watch can end pretty quickly. Do you want to break the endless cycle of your Netflix list? There’s a trick for that! You can use certain codes to access all of series and films to watch on Netflix. This way you can choose for yourself what you want to watch, instead of letting Netflix choose for you!

Huge video library
Every Netflix genre has a unique code, which you can find on this list. The “Thrillers” page has code 8933, for example, and you can find all films with Meryl Streep under code 74188. All of the films, series and documentaries are divided into categories like this. With this list of all possible codes you can endlessly browse through the gigantic video library.

This is how it works
You can use the codes as follows. Paste the following URL in your browser: followed by the code of the category you want to browse. So, if you want to see all of the thrillers Netflix offers, you’ll need the following URL: It’s super simple! Just paste the right code behind the URL and a whole new world will open up right before you.

But pay attention: some codes may have stopped working, since the website is constantly changing. Plus, some codes can only be used in certain regions. Even so, there are thousands of possibilities, and who knows; perhaps you’ll find your new favourite show this way! Enjoy!

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Source: Libelle | Image as illustration