Beware! A manager says you should never order these products at McDonald’s!

The McNuggets look like some sort of ‘pink foam’

Secretly, we all love the occasional food fest at McDonald’s. We know the food doesn’t exactly fit within our five a day, but does that stop us? No! There are a couple of things you’d be better off to skip, though. Especially if we are to believe this McDonald’s manager. 

The descriptions of the food are no joke.

Users of Reddit, an American discussion website, sent in questions, which the manager then answered. But no one had expected he would be quite this honest! He was especially negative about the fast food giant’s chicken. Apparently, the chicken served at McDonald’s looks absolutely abysmal. Its eyes are even a little gelatin-like. ‘It’s horrible frozen chicken that we defrost and steam. The chicken is pre-cooked and breaded before arriving to us frozen from Thailand.’ The extremely popular McNuggets aren’t very appetizing before baking, either. According to the manager, they look like a kind of ‘pink foam’.

Big Mac
Do you usually go for the salad at McDonald’s? We’re sorry, but we have some disappointing news for you. The salad dressing is ‘filled with rubbish’, says the manager. Luckily, not everything served at McDonald’s is as awful as these two examples. They use a lot of fresh ingredients and good quality beef, and the eggs used are mostly free range. So, next time you indulge at McDonald’s, we advise you to pass up on the salad and McNuggets and go for the BigMac or Quarter Pounder.

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