This woman ate nothing but McDonald’s for five days and THIS is what happened


Danielle Tullo ate nothing but McDonald’s for five days

Nearly everyone gets that feeling every now and then: a serious craving for some fast food. It isn’t very healthy, but the occasional fast food indulgence shouldn’t be a big deal. As long as the rest of your diet is healthy, shoving a Big Mac into your face every once in a while is A-okay. But what would happen to your body if you ate nothing but McDonald’s?

American Danielle Tullo decided to put this to the test for Cosmopolitan and had breakfast, lunch and dinner at McDonald’s for five days.

She tried to keep her McDonald’s diet as varied as possible, which means she didn’t just eat Big Macs, but also picked salads and other options off the menu. On her first day her breakfast was a McMuffin and a large coffee. “While I wasn’t hungover … I feel like I should have been. There’s something unglamorous about holding a McDonald’s bag with grease stains seeping through it.” That day, her lunch consisted of a healthy wrap and a salad, but at dinner time she was so hungry that she decided to go off her meal plan and have a burrito. “First of all, it was $1. Second, it was cheesy and delicious.”

Real deal
On Wednesday she went for the real deal. “If I was going to eat at McDonald’s, I was going to eat the delicious meals that McDonald’s has to offer,” Danielle reasoned. Burgers and milkshakes; she went all out. “It’s a great feeling when you realize you don’t care what people think if you eat burgers and fries from McDonald’s — instead of the salad or small lunch.” At the end of the week, Danielle had consumed four cheeseburgers, 10 chicken nuggets, two milkshakes and a lot of fries. And believe it or not: she didn’t gain a pound. Moral of the story: if you feel like having a cheeseburger once in a while, have a cheeseburger. Of course, we can’t recommend eating at McDonald’s every day, but it’s no big deal to go for the occasional indulgence.

I only ate McDonald’s for 5 days and still have a smile on my face. ~link in bio~ ??

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Source: Cosmopolitan | Image as illustration