Can’t find a lid for your pan? This simple trick works great too


The solution to your lid problem lies within reach

A lot of the pots and pans you’ve got in your kitchen probably have a matching lid. Yet there might also be a couple that are lidless due to them breaking or getting lost during a move. So, what do you do then? Do you go on the hunt to buy a lid of the exact right size, simply use the pan without a lid or buy a new pan altogether? There’s no need to worry about that any longer because there’s a simple solution that allows you to still use the pan in question – with a lid, of sorts. All you need to do is take a look inside your oven.

You, too, will already own this simple solution.

Lid replacement

Are you right in the middle of cooking a new recipe and do you suddenly realise you don’t have the right lid to go on top of the pot or pan you’re using? Just grab the baking tray from your oven! You can easily replace the lid of your pan with this baking tray. To some people, this might sound like a far-fetched trick, but it’s anything but. Many chefs in big, important restaurants use this trick as well. And yes, it works just as well as using an actual lid.

Oven mitts

Do make sure that the baking tray is clean before you place it on top of your pan. The bottom of a baking tray is often very dirty, and you don’t want this dirt to be transferred to your delicious food, of course. Plus, also remember to always wear oven mitts when you take the baking tray off of the pan. The metal of the baking tray conducts heat which means it gets incredibly hot.

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