This tip will get rid of the ice on your car windows in no time

koude nacht koud weer

No more hours of scratching!

Autumn has really made its appearance now and it is getting colder outside. The first night frost has even arrived! This not only means that the winter coats have to be pulled out of the closet, but also that the car windows are covered with ice in the morning. Fortunately, with this tip, you no longer have to spend hours scratching in the morning!

No more annoyance in the early morning!

Obstructing vision
Having good visibility in a car is essential; when a car window fogs up due to moisture or when it is covered in ice (as is common in the fall and winter), it can severely impair visibility. This can greatly endanger the safety of yourself, but also of other people in traffic. In addition, driving with a frozen window can also get you a hefty fine. However, icing the car window can be a very tedious activity, especially when you are in a hurry.

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