This Is Why People Are Using A Hairdryer When Baking A Cake


When you are planning to bake a delicious pie or cake and are in the middle of collecting all the products and kitchen tools you need, you probably don’t think about picking up a hairdryer. Still, just to be sure, you’d better have a hairdryer nearby, because the beauty appliance can save your cake. We’ll explain why.


You’ve just bought your supplies and are ready to start, but when you’ve thrown everything together, your batter begins to curdle. No stress! Curdled batter can be caused by, for example, adding cold butter to batter that is at room temperature. Or it can happen when you don’t mix the batter well. At moments like these, it is best to go over the batter with a hairdryer. This way all ingredients reach the same temperature, allowing them to mix better. Who would have thought a hairdryer in the kitchen would come in handy?

But what if you accidentally get the hairdryer dirty? On the next page we’ll tell you how to clean the batter off.