This is what Kate Middleton looked like as a child – her daughter looks just like her!

The resemblance between young Kate and Princess Charlotte is striking!

Kate Middleton is doing an amazing job as Duchess of Cambridge, but besides her royal duties, Kate is also a mother, of course. She has three children, one of whom is a girl; Princess Charlotte. An old picture reveals that Charlotte looks a lot like her mother did when she was little.

Like mother, like daughter.


When Kate met Prince William for the first time we don’t expect she thought she’d be having three children with the crown prince. Yet that’s exactly what happened! Although they broke up for a little bit in 2007, Kate and William got married in 2011. In 2013, their first child, Prince George, came into the world. Princess Charlotte was their second child and was born in 2015. Earlier this year their third child, Prince Louis, was born.


Princess Charlotte, Kate and William’s only daughter, is said to be very spontaneous and not shy at all. In April, the little girl waved enthusiastically at the press when she was walking to the hospital along with her father and older brother to meet the newest addition to the family: Prince Louis. Apparently, the three-year-old also loves to receive guests. She’s the perfect hostess and asks her guests whether they’d like sweets. We predict Charlotte will grow up to be just as charming and amazing a woman as her mother. When we see what Kate looked like when she was Charlotte’s age, our prediction only seems more likely to come true. The resemblance is striking! Take a look at the picture yourself down here:

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Source: Instagram | Image: video still