Got empty toilet paper rolls lying around? Apparently, you can make money off of them

toilet paper rolls
Yes, there are people who are willing to pay for your toilet paper rolls

Empty toilet paper rolls are usually just pretty annoying and enough to ruin our moods at the start of the day. You have to go on the hunt for a new roll and then there’s the business of finding the start of the roll and tearing it off properly. It’s giving us real adhesive tape kind of frustration. But it turns out an empty toilet paper roll isn’t just bad news. You can actually make some money off of these things.

Ebay is full of empty toilet paper rolls at the moment.


The general rule is that if Ebay doesn’t have it, you don’t need it. The biggest auction and e-commerce website on the Internet sells pretty much everything and what seems to be a booming business right now is toilet paper rolls. People are offering their empty toilet rolls and apparently, there are even people who are buying them as well. Many creative and crafty people like to use these cardboard rolls to craft with. They make things for in the garden, at home or a nice toy for small rodents.


Ebay user Lizz2412 is selling 16 empty rolls for 10 pounds and someone else wants 30 pounds for 130 rolls. It’s not a huge amount of money, but when you realise you’d otherwise simply throw out the cardboard… It’s a nice little something extra, right?

toilet paper rolls

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Source: Metro | Beeld: Pixabay, Ebay