Do you panic when you see the petrol warning in your car? THIS is how many kilometers you can still drive!


Now you’ll know exactly when it’s time for a pit stop at the petrol station

You might have experienced the fear of seeing the red light of your petrol gauge going on while you’re driving, without having any idea how long you can still keep driving for. Every kilometer you drive increases the anxiety, which doesn’t exactly make for a smooth and comfortable drive. Luckily, you can now know exactly how long you can keep driving for in your car.

This will prevent you from getting stranded at the side of the road without any petrol.

It’s important to know that the amount of kilometers you can keep on driving while the red light is burning differs per car make and model. This is pretty logical when you think about it, because most car models have differently sized petrol tanks. Dutch magazine Libelle has compiled a table with a clear overview of how many kilometers you can still keep driving on an ’empty tank’. This can save you a lot of stress when you’re on the highway and you’ll know exactly when it’s time to make a pit stop.

This might also be good to know: the majority of petrol tanks have a back up on hand of 2 liters of petrol. So, chances are you can definitely keep driving until the next petrol station.

Brand Model Petrol is left when the red light goes on Amount of kilometers you can still drive when the red light goes on
Ford Different models 1/16 of the tank 56-128
Chevrolet Silverado unknown 40
Chevrolet Equinox unknown 80
Chevrolet Cruze 2 liters 90-135
Toyota Camry 2.6 liters 104-145
Toyota Corolla 2 liters 96-135
Toyota RAV4 2.4 liters 91-118
Nissan Altima 3 liters 129-182
Nissan Rogue 3 liters 125-158
Nissan Sentra 2 liters 90-135
Honda Accord 2.6 liters 112-149
Honda CR-V 2.3 liters 100-125
Honda Civic 1.9 liters 94-128
Hyundai Elantra unknown 48
Hyundai Sonata unknown 64
Chrysler 200 3 liters 110-172
Volkswagen Jetta 1.85 liters 91-136
Kia Soul unknown 48

Can’t find your car in this overview? Find out which of the cars included in the table is most similar to yours and use that as an indication.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels