With this simple trick you’ll never have to clean the cat litter box again!

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Never clean the litter box again!

Owning a cat is amazing. You’ve got a purring little creature waiting for you when you get home and there’s never a dull moment with a cat around. Taking care of them is pretty easy, too; you feed them, make sure they have fresh water and that’s it! Oh, wait… the litter box!

Some people scoop the dirty bits out of the litter box every day, while others do it less regularly. But it doesn’t matter how often you do it; it always stinks! No one enjoys hovering over their pet’s toilet, and cat urine has a very penetrating smell you won’t easily get rid off. If you procrastinate the scooping, it’ll only be worse the next day. Luckily, we’ve got the solution for you! With this trick, you’ll never have to clean the litter box again.

It’s easier than you might think; teaching your cat to go to the toilet. Yes, really, and you can even train it to flush! We can almost hear you thinking ‘yeah, right’, but we’re completely serious. You can get your cat to go to the toilet completely independently within a couple of weeks if you follow this training schedule.

The first step is to place your cat’s litter box right next to the toilet for a few days.

Next, increase the height of the litter box with a couple of centimeters every day by using books or boxes, for example. Do this until the litter box is at the same height as the toilet.

When the litter box is at the same height as the toilet, the next step is to move it 2.5 cm to the side every day, moving it onto the toilet seat. Repeat this step until the box completely covers the toilet. Also reduce the amount of litter you use every day until the layer is only 2.5 cm thick.

The next step is to replace the litter box with a ‘training box’. This can be made out of anything you want, like cardboard, for example. The only requirement is that the box can carry your cat’s weight. Attach it to the toilet bowl, and lower the seat on top of it. Add some litter to the ‘box’, preferably the kind that can be flushed down the toilet. Clean the training box after every time your cat has used it. Another tip is to mix some catnip through the fresh litter.

The next step is to create a hole of about 2.5 cm in the middle of the training box. Widen the hole every day until the training box is practically gone. Also make sure there’s hardly any cat litter left in the training box.

When your cat has successfully used the toilet, you have to make sure that you flush the toilet after the cat is done. Always reward you cat for good behaviour, including using the toilet!

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