This is the great reason why you should rub car wax on your stove

car wax
Car wax is the solution for a clean stove

It’s impossible to keep your stove completely spotless because spilling food while you’re cooking is simply inevitable. The annoying is that you can’t immediately clean it up since your stove is probably really hot at the moment of spillage. Because you can’t clean it right away, the food will stick to the stove, which makes it even more difficult to clean it later. Luckily, we’ve got the solution: car wax.

We all want a clean stove, right?


We try to always wipe down the stove after we’re done cooking our food, but despite this, our cooker seems to get dirty so quickly that we still have to scrub it vigorously at the end of the week. Save yourself some trouble and polish your stove with car wax. Yes, the stuff you rub on your car to protect the paint job.

Car wax

Car wax is made to make your car shine and to prevent small scratches. It also makes cleaning your car a lot easier since the dirt won’t stick; it’ll just sort of lie on top of the wax. These days, most modern cars have a transparent coating that makes car wax mostly unnecessary. This coating can wear off in time, though, which makes it a good idea to wax your car anyway. It’ll repel stains and fingerprints as well as dust and dirt.

So, why is it a good idea to rub it on your stove? Go to the next page to find out!

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