What shape are your fingers? THIS is what it says about your personality!


What do your fingers look like?

Everyone’s hands and fingers look differently. Big, small, thick, thin: they’re all unique. Nevertheless, it’s possible to divide fingers into roughly three shapes. There’s the long, straight finger with a blunt top, the finger that ends in a more pointed tip, and the finger with large, irregular knuckles and a round top. Every finger shape comes with a few unique personality traits, so your fingers can actually tell you a lot about yourself!

Take a look at the picture above to find out if your Type A, Type B, or Type C! This is what it says about your personality

Type A
You prefer to keep your private life, feelings and secrets to yourself. It can be difficult to get to know the “real” you since you tend to build up a wall around yourself. Only your really good friends know how to get through. You’re sweet and emotional and you adore animals. Your friends know you as someone with a kind heart and a unique sense of humour.

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