Here’s How To Easily Get The Garlic Smell Off Your Hands


Here’s how to make sure your fingers don’t stink anymore

Garlic, we use it a lot. It gives your meals more flavour. Normally it would not be such a problem if your hands smell a bit like garlic afterwards, but if you have a date, for example, it is not so nice. In that case it is smart to know how to get rid of that garlic smell and we have a tip for that!

Coconut Oil

For this trick, grab some coconut oil. Rub this between your hands as you would normally do with a bar of soap. Washyour hands with the coconut oil and then rinse them again with lukewarm water. You will notice that the stinky garlic smell has completely disappeared and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


There is another bonus to rubbing your hands with coconut oil. Not only does it make them smell neutral, but it also makes your hands very soft. Win-win

Source: Kookfans | Image: Pexels