This is the great reason why you should rub car wax on your stove

car wax


Rubbing car wax on your stove is a good idea exactly because it is resistant to stains and dirt. The wax will make sure that it’s easy to wipe away the spilt food and liquids. How does this work? Make sure your stove is squeaky clean. Then apply the car wax with a clot; do so as described on the packaging. Do make sure your stove has cooled down completely when you do this. This technique can be used on most stoves like stainless steel, metal and glass-ceramic. The wax will hold for about two weeks. Repeat the process when you see the layer starts to lose its shine.

Now you’re managing to keep the surface of your stove clean, why not move on to cleaning the gas burners properly? We’ve got a great trick on that as well, right here.

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Source: Wonder How To | Image: photomontage, Pexels

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