Car too hot inside? Do not open the windows!

car hot windows

This way the inside of your car cools down the fastest

Although not everyone can enjoy this luxury, nowadays most cars are equipped with air-conditioning. This is handy, because these days summers are getting warmer and warmer. Are you about to get into a hot car (read: mini sauna)? If so, do not open the windows!

Fastest way

If you get into your hot car, you may be tempted to open the windows right away, to get rid of the hot air. However, it appears that this is not the fastest way to cool your car. Thrillist research shows that your car cools down faster if you keep the windows closed. The website explored various methods to find the fastest way to cool a car from the inside, and they found that this works best. This is because no new warm air enters the car and the cold air-conditioning can do its job better, because this cold air does not escape through the window.

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