This is what sleep experts do when they can’t sleep themselves

sleep experts
These sleep experts have a couple of tricks up their sleeves

Everyone has trouble sleeping sometimes. You simply cannot for the life of you fall asleep and then you get frustrated and it becomes even more difficult to fall asleep. Time to get out a bag of tricks to find out if there’s anything you can try to still catch some Zs. Sleep experts reveal the things they do to be able to fall asleep and these are definitely worth a try.

Maybe these tips from actual sleep experts will make the difference for you.


The first thing to do is to try some relaxation exercises. Neurologist Sandra Blok explains exactly how to do this. “Concentrate on slowly tensing and then releasing every muscle group in five-second intervals. You start down at your toes and slowly move up toward your head. End the exercise by visualising yourself in a relaxing place, like a beach of a forest.” This exercise is supposed to make you feel so calm and relaxed that you slowly fall asleep.


If you focus on your breathing, it’ll become much easier to fall asleep, says Jose Colon. “I try to breathe a little more slowly and count back from 100. If I lose count, I have to start over. While you’re counting down, you’re being mindful of your breathing and that helps to relax.”

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