An unfoldable home? It’s real and it’s affordable! You’ll be amazed when you see it!


An unfoldable home? It sounds too good to be true

We thought we’d seen it all by now when it comes to houses. From gigantic palaces that can house practically an entire village to tiny houses on wheels. Homes come in all shapes and sizes and we can now add another special one to the mix: an unfoldable home.

This house can be built up within seven hours!

Seven hours

Building a nice and solid home usually takes at least a couple of months. A house that is built from the ground up within seven hours seems too good to be true, but it’s possible. M.A.D.I. is an unfoldable home that’ll have you putting in your furniture and making it your own within a couple of hours.


This pretty little home doesn’t need a foundation, which is why you can put it anywhere you like. We can thank architect Renato Vidal for this amazing invention. He initially wanted to use M.A.D.I. in places with a housing shortage or places that had seen a natural disaster, which is how this idea was born. Apart from everything else, the unfoldable home is also earthquake resistant!


You can get yourself one of these homes for upward of 22,000 euros. You will need a crane to unfold the home, though, but that’s the only obstacle. This innovative home comes in a couple of different sizes. The smallest version is 27 square meters and the largest is 84 square meters. Every home has two floors: on the ground floor you will find a dining room, kitchen and bathroom, and the top floor is for sleeping.

Watch for yourself how this home is built up in the video below. Would you like to live here?

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Source: Roomed | Image: Pexels