Transforming a school bus and an old container into a house – this family did it!

school bus

And the house is beautifully decorated!

Many people wouldn’t want to think about living with their family in a container home. It is small and probably has little atmosphere. The Thompson family, however, proved the opposite. They turned a container and a school bus into this beautiful, mobile home.

To travel

Selling ​​your house and start traveling? Not many people do it. Yet this was the decision of Jeremy and Mia Thompson. They made this decision nine years ago. The couple sold their house in the city and exchanged it for a van that they transformed into a mobile home. They were tired of their jobs and they wanted to travel while they still had the chance. And so, they did.

Having kids

After a year of traveling, the couple decided that they actually wanted to start a family. So, they bought a school bus at an auction and converted it into a house. The couple put their words into actions. They removed the metal behind the driver’s seat and exchanged it for a wooden house made from a container.

Converting a school bus into a house

Jeremy was an experienced car mechanic and carpenter, and was able to use his expertise for the project. Jeremy worked as a carpenter in order to make money to buy an affordable container. The container was actually ready for the scrap heap, but the couple still saw its potential. Jeremy transformed it into a wooden house with a green roof. Jeremy tells us that he wanted to experiment with the things he already had. For example, a door was used as a window.

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