Eliminate Green Algae from All Surfaces with this Natural Remedy!

Green algae is gone in no time!

With the arrival of shorter days, darker skies, and especially an abundance of rain, green algae has become an inevitable phenomenon. Mosses and algae thrive excellently as a result, making them much more visible. It is a stubborn problem that many find annoying, but what is the solution?

Pressure Washer
Many people use chlorine water to get rid of moss and algae. Unfortunately, this is very harmful to nature. The pressure washer is also not recommended. Although it works very well, unfortunately, the pleasure is short-lived. In addition, the structure of the garden tiles is affected by the enormous force of the pressure washer. This makes the stones more porous and rougher, allowing mosses and algae to get even more grip.

Common methods such as the use of chlorine water and pressure washers are not only harmful to the environment but also offer only temporary solutions. The powerful jets of a pressure washer can even damage the structure of garden tiles, further promoting the growth of mosses and algae. Therefore, opt for a natural approach with vinegar for a long-lasting and environmentally friendly result.

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