Ha! There’s a way to read WhatsApp messages without opening them!

There’s a useful trick!

Those blue ticks on WhatsApp can be very useful every now and then, but most people have a love-hate relationship with them. You want to know whether someone has read your message, but the other way around is a different story. Getting around the issue seemed impossible – until now!

This is how you can read your messages without the ticks turning blue.

Blue ticks

WhatsApp: it’s a great means of communication, but it’s also one more thing to bicker about. For example, when you’ve read a message, but want to respond to it at a different, more convenient time. Before you know it, your WhatsApp-partner asks you why you haven’t answered yet. Of course, you could turn off the blue ticks entirely, but they can be rather useful at times. Luckily, there’s another way to get around the issue.


Have you received a message you want to read without responding to it straight away? Temporarily turn off your Internet! You’ve already received the message, so you can read it without being connected to the Internet. But because your Internet is turned off, WhatsApp won’t be able to turn the two grey ticks into blue ticks. Because of the lack of connection, the app can’t register the fact that you’re reading the message. It’s the ideal solution!

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Source: Metro | Image: Pixabay