The gemstone you choose says a lot about your personality! Which one do you prefer?


The gemstone you choose says a lot about your personality

Sometimes we make choices that aren’t based on logic, but on intuition. Following your heart can be the best thing to do in certain situations, which these gems show as well. Don’t think about it too much; just pick the gemstone you like best and see it what it says about your personality.

Which gemstone do you prefer?

#1 Tiger’s eye

Memories are important to you. You hold on to those things that provide you with a happy feeling. It doesn’t come as such a surprise that your memory is your strong suit. You won’t quickly forget something and you can even now remember things from your early childhood.

#2 Pyrite

You’re very creative and you’re always working on developing new ideas and concepts. Sitting still isn’t something you’re good at, so you shouldn’t even try doing it. Try to listen to your creative mind and you’ll notice you’ll find peace in that.

#3 Citrine

Time is very important to you. You make sure that everything you do has a purpose and isn’t for nothing. You can’t stand it when people are late and you are very punctual yourself.

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