5 of the most extraordinary Airbnbs in the world

How about an overnight stay in the ‘Wienermobile’?

Nowadays, booking a unique overnight stay has become a lot easier with Airbnb. Not only hotel accommodation, but private individuals can also offer their special homes for rent. We searched the site for the most special Airbnb’s in the world, and we can tell you, there are some very unique holiday accommodations among them!

1. The ‘Wienermobie’ – Evanston, Illinois

We are starting with a special place, or rather, a car. This house on wheels, in the shape of a hot dog, may not be on Airbnb, but it is certainly a special place to stay. The ‘Wienermobile’ is used by its owner, Oscar Mayer, to promote his meat business. He has converted one of his cars in such a way that it is also possible to sleep in it. Besides a bed, the car is also equipped with a small bathroom, two chairs and a refrigerator completely filled with hot dogs. For US$121 dollars a night you can stay in the ‘Wienermobile’. Watch the video of the ‘Wienermobile’ below.

2. The UFO – South Pembrokeshire, Wales

In the south of the United Kingdom you can find this extraterrestrial Airbnb residence. The accommodation is suitable for four people and is located in the heart of South Pembrokeshire. Not only does it look extraterrestrial on the outside, the inside also looks great. There is a double bed, two single beds that can also be used as a sofa, and a cozy dining area. But that’s not all, because via the large monitor on the wall you can play classic alien games such as Defender and Space Invaders. Who doesn’t want that? You can spend a night in this spaceship for 110 euros per night. Check out the photos from Airbnb’s UFO here.

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