Here’s How To Make Your Own Air Freshener Very Easily

Easy and cheap!

We love a tidy and clean house, but sometimes it happens that there is a peculiar smell in your home. From the litter box, a smelly garbage bag or a musty smell. Fortunately, there is a way with which you can easily make your house smell nice again. And yes, it’s also very affordable!

Natural, synthetic air fresheners and scented candles are available in many places these days and can smell quite intense. As wonderful as the scent is, they are certainly not healthy. In fact, the substances in them can be quite dangerous to inhale, especially in the long run. A natural approach is much better then, besides putting a lot of bouquets in the house.

You’ve probably heard about essential oils before. But did you know that you can very easily make an organic air freshener from them? In fact, it’s so easy that we’re surprised more people don’t do this. Besides the fact that scented candles usually come with quite a price tag, so they are not healthy for you either.

If you’re curious about how to make this simple DIY project, go to the next page for a tutorial!