Everybody makes THESE cleaning mistakes and they only make your home more dirty!

cleaning mistakes

Don’t make these cleaning mistakes!

Have you decided to give the whole house a good cleaning before the holidays? Don’t make these cleaning mistakes when you do; they’ll only make your house dirtier! Follow our tips for the best home cleaning results.

There are a couple of mistakes we all make that only make your house more dirty!

Vacuum cleaner
Are you an avid user of the vacuum cleaner and do you vacuum several times a week? That’s very diligent of you, but it’s of no use if you don’t clean the vacuum cleaner itself. Of course, we all replace the bag once in a while, but you shouldn’t forget that a vacuum cleaner has a filter that needs to be cleaned as well. If you don’t do this regularly, the filthy filter will cause all the dirt you’ve just vacuumed to be blown right back into your home.

Garlic press
Do you put the garlic press in the dishwasher after using it? If you clean your garlic press in the dishwasher, little pieces of garlic can remain stuck in the tiny holes the garlic is usually pushed through. This old garlic residue will end up in your pan the next time you use the press. Gross! Next time, use a scourer to scrub the garlic press!

Toilet brush
We often put the toilet brush back in its holder after using it, until the next time we have to clean the toilet. If you put the toilet brush back in its holder directly after using it, the bacteria will spread at lightning speed. And these are bacteria you’ll rub right into your toilet the next time you use the brush. So, you’re ‘cleaning’ for nothing! Add a little bit of bleach to the holder to dry the bacteria. Clean the toilet brush every once in a while and let it dry before putting it back in the holder.

Cleaning solution
We’ve all done it; you take your things off the table and shelves, spray some cleaning solution on the surfaces, wipe it with a cloth and put it all back. Clean! Well, not entirely. By spraying the cleaning solution directly onto the furniture and putting everything back immediately, you cause the surfaces to remain wet and sticky which attracts dust and other filth. So, don’t spray the cleaning solution directly onto the furniture and always dry everything with a dust-free cloth.

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Source: Libelle | Image: archive