Beware: Close the doors in your house before you go to sleep! It could save your life!


A simple yet lifesaving act

When we go to bed we don’t always think of closing all the doors behind us. In fact, we often like leaving the bedroom door open for a bit of fresh air. Or maybe you want to be able to hear your children at night and leave your door open for that reason. Whatever the reason, it’s not very safe!

A simple act like closing the doors inside your house might be the thing that saves your life if a fire breaks out. Close all the doors before you go to sleep and you’ll have a much bigger chance of getting out in case of a fire than if you leave your doors open. This conclusion is based on research by the Dutch fire brigade. When a fire breaks out in your house, you only have three minutes to get out. If you close your doors, you’ll make sure you have a little more time to get out and you’ll increase your chances of being saved.

Hardly anyone knows that this simple thing can save your life in case of a fire. Share it around!

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