Yikes, mosquitos! With this trick they will probably stay away

Mosquitos are very annoying but this trick might make them go away!

When spring has sprung, the trees get greener, the air bluer and the temperature higher. We love it! But as the warmer times of the year begin, the insects also make their appearance again. Ants are a definite nuisance, which is why we’ve already written an article on getting rid of those. But today we’ve got a handy trick for you that will hopefully help you get rid of the mosquitos in your home!


No matter how much we love spring and summer, the mosquitos that pester us in the bedroom do ruin our fun a little bit. Running through your room with a rolled up newspaper all night is very frustrating and won’t leave you well-rested at all. And then we haven’t even mentioned those terrible bites. They itch like nobody’s business! Luckily, we’ve got a very handy trick that will help you get rid of those mosquitos in your home! Of course, it’s always better to make sure the pesky buggers don’t get in in the first place (think of screens in front of your doors and windows, for example). But if it’s too later already and they’ve moved into your bedroom, you can make this easy mosquito trap. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t contain any chemical products. Another benefit: you probably already have the ingredients you need!

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