Got draughts in your home? Get rid of them with this handy tip


Draughts in your home will be a thing of the past with this great tip

When it’s cold and dreary outside, we start to notice the draughts in our homes. You’re sitting on the sofa and suddenly you feel a slight gust of cold air in your neck. This is very annoying and also unhealthy: draughts can cause health problems like a stiff neck, muscle cramps, headaches and fatigue. Time to fix this draught problem!

With this simple trick, your home will become draught-free.


A draught is a current of air that is caused by a change in air pressure. When this current of air consists of warm air, we’re not that bothered by it – we hardly notice it. But when the air is cool, like it is in autumn and winter, the draughts usually start to bother us. There are a couple of methods to find out where exactly the draught is coming from:

  • Light a candle or a tea light and hold it in front of the spots you suspect the draught might be coming from. If the flame blows in a certain direction, you know it’s draughty in that spot.
  • Moisten your hand and keep it up in the air. That way you can easily feel where the cool air is coming from.
  • Hang a thread from the ceiling and watch which way it blows when no one in the room is moving. That way you can spot whether there is any draught and which direction it’s coming from.

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