Tip: always take a picture of your stove or cooker before you go on holiday

This is why you should always take a photo before you leave on holiday

Passports, swimming clothes, money… Have you packed everything? Check, check, check again. Going on holiday often comes with a lot of stress. Once you’re finally on the road, you start to question whether you locked your home properly, whether you turned off the stove and the lights… It can really gnaw away at you, because you can’t remember whether you did this tiny thing. Luckily, there’s a solution to this!

This way, you’ll never forget again.


Some people don’t worry about whether or not they left their windows open or if the stove is turned off or not. Others are only a few kilometres away and they start to stress about the house burning down while they’re away. We’re definitely part of that last category, because we can never remember whether we truly did turn off the gas. The solution? Take a quick photo!


Most people own a smartphone by now (chances are you’re reading this on one) and pretty much all of those have a camera. Our tip: after you’ve turned off the stove, take a photo of it. The same goes for an electric cooker or an induction cooker: turn it off and take a photo. Are you on the road and are you starting to worry whether you did actually turn off the stove? Take out your phone and look at the photo: it will put your mind at ease. This will save us nervous people a lot of stress!


You can use this trick on many more things in your home: take a photo of closed windows and doors to remind yourself of the fact that you really did close them. We often get a little panicked about whether or not we locked our front door. Take a photo of the door after you’ve locked it. Of course, the picture doesn’t show whether the door is actually locked, but just the fact that you took the picture tells you that everything’s alright. You can also ask your roommate or family member to film you while you’re locking the door. It might sounds like exaggerating, but it can make a big difference when it comes to your peace of mind on holiday.

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