This is how you can change your duvet cover within no time at all

This hilarious video shows you how you can easily change your duvet cover

Getting into a freshly-made bed seems to be a universally loved experience. There are few things that can beat the fresh smell of the newly washed sheets and the clean feel of them. We love it! We always sleep much more soundly in a bed with fresh sheets. However, actually changing the bedding can be a bit of a pain… Here’s how to make it easier for yourself!

The man is this video has found the ultimate solution!

How often

Before we get into that, however, we want to quickly touch on the much-debated subject of how often you should change your bed sheets. The best thing to do is to change your sheets once a week. While you’re sleeping in your cosy, warm bed, you lose a lot of moisture, which is full of skin flakes, dirt and oils. Of course, all of this then gets into your sheets. And it’s not just that: other things get in your sheets as well: poop residue, urine and spit. Gross, right? It’s more than just gross; it can also impact your health. These things can cause asthma, sneezing and blocked sinuses. Even though you can’t see all of the filth, it’s definitely there. Change your sheets once a week, and you’ll prevent most of the filth from getting in your sheets.

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