This is the terrifying reason why you shouldn’t kill a wasp

You better leave that wasp alone

Wasps: one person runs away screaming when someone even utters the word while others simply get a glass and try to catch the insect. There are all kinds of ways to get rid of or avoid wasps in a responsible way, but what you really shouldn’t do is kill a wasp. If you do that, you can get yourself into a nasty pickle.

He will call in reinforcements.


When you kill a wasp, a certain pheromone is released. This is a chemical that makes any other nearby wasps more aggressive. If there’s a wasp nearby when you kill one of its buddies, you run a higher risk of getting stung. This is definitely not what you want because what if there are more than one of these nasty buggers in the neighbourhood? That could cause some dangerous situations.


The best way to safely remove a wasp is with water. Water is something wasps hate with a fiery passion. Have you ever seen a wasp flying around when it’s raining outside? We’re pretty sure you haven’t, and there’s a reason for that! A wasp can’t fly as well if its wings are wet, so if they even feel a little bit of wetness they’re out of there. Blowing can also help. Headwind is another thing wasps really don’t like.

Fake nest

Do you want to find a way that will keep those nasty wasps out of your home or garden entirely? You can! Fashion a kind of wasp nest out of a paper bag. Wasps are very territorial and aggressive towards other wasps. If they see a nest somewhere, or something they think is a next, they’ll skedaddle as quickly as they can because they’ll run the risk of being killed if they don’t.

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