4 simple tricks that will help you get rid of ants


This is how you can easily get rid of those annoying little critters!

Spring has sprung and that brings all kinds of changes with it. Many people are getting their gardens in order again or going outside to enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, spring brings more than just things to enjoy. Insects are everywhere already, including those pesky ants. Luckily, there are a couple of tricks you can use to get rid of these creatures.

This is how you do it!

1. Use chalk

You can keep ants at a distance simply by drawing a line with chalk in front of your doors or windows. Scientists can’t seem to figure out why exactly chalk works against these tiny insects. One of the theories is that they don’t like the smell of it. If you draw a line with chalk, the ant won’t cross it.

2. Use baking soda

There are a ton of chemical products that promise to keep ants a distance, but you can also make a simple mixture yourself – it’ll save you money and it’s a natural solution. Mix together equal parts baking soda and icing sugar and stir them through properly. Ants love sweet things and will be attracted to the mixture. It’s important that you don’t use regular sugar because then they will be able to notice the difference between the icing sugar and the baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture everywhere you’ve spotted the insects. Why does baking soda work so well against ants? Baking soda has an effect on your pH values, which means it’s fatal for ants to ingest any of it.

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