Amazing: man transforms garage into fully functioning home for his mother


It’s astonishing to realise this home used to be a garage

What do you do when your baby son has been born and his grandmother wants to be close to him? The idea of your mother or mother-in-law living with you might not be too appealing. This man found a great solution to that. He converted his garage into a fully functioning house for his mother. The result is amazing!

This man managed to turn a small garage into a spacious home.

Tiny house

Martin Brown from Portland is very handy with a set of tools, so when his mother offered to babysit his son he decided to build a so-called tiny house for her. He converted his garage into a small home where one person can easily live. He left the concrete floor but changed everything else. Because the garage is situated very close to two houses, he decided to only place windows at the front of the tiny house and in the roof, so as to maintain enough privacy. The big French doors at the front still manage to make the house look very spacious.


When you come in, you’ll notice a small living room with a sofa and a coffee table. Behind this area, there’s a pretty spacious kitchen that has every functionality it needs. There’s also a fully functioning bathroom. By placing a staircase with alternating tread stairs, Martin managed to save a lot of space. At the top of the stairs, there’s a loft with a double bed, a closet and even a little reading nook. It has everything a person needs!

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