Man transforms abandoned shed into fantastic log cabin

abandoned shed

And with a budget of only $100!

Sixty-five-year-old Richard Aiken managed to turn an abandoned shed into a very special log cabin. His dream was to have a home in the middle of nature where he could withdraw from his hectic life. Richard found his oasis in a completely dilapidated shed, a shed that many people would disregard. But Richard saw only great potential.

The result is incredible!

Second home

Buying a second home is something many people dream about. The same goes for Richard Aiken. A second home would be too costly, so he looked for something as cheap as possible. The American found everything he was searching for in a ramshackle shed, and it only set him back $100 (around 90 euros).

Derelict barn

Richard’s new purchase was full of debris and the roof had completely collapsed. The outside looked terrible, but the inside, abandoned and horribly neglected, looked plain dangerous. Yet Richard decided that he wanted to spend his free time renovating the old cabin. An inspection revealed that the shed consisted mainly of rotten wood, leaving him one choice: demolish most of the shed and rebuild it from scratch.

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