7 great reasons why you should use vodka around the house


You can use vodka for these unexpected household chores

We’re all familiar with this Russian hard liquor and some of us might even have a bottle of it in our liquor cabinet. But did you know that vodka is useful for much more than just drinking it? You can use it for quite a few chores around the house! As it turns out, vodka is an amazing product for a lot of different things around the house.

These are the seven unexpected chores around the house you can easily use vodka for.

7. It’ll remove nasty smells from fabric

Fabric items like clothes or towels often start to smell a little musty over time – it’s almost inevitable. Luckily, this Russian liquor is a great solution you can use to remove musty smells from fabric. Pour 80 millilitres of vodka into your washing machine together with your favourite laundry detergent and wash the fabric items in question like you normally would.

6. It’ll keep fresh cut flowers looking pretty

Did you know that vodka has an antibacterial effect? It’s alcohol, after all. Because of this, adding a tiny amount of the liquor to a vase of flowers (about one teaspoon per litre of water) will kill the bacteria that build up in the vase and on the flowers. This is the easiest way to prevent your beautiful bouquet of roses from wilting early.

5. It relieves reactions to poison ivy

There are few things as annoying as having your wonderful walk in the forest ruined by poison ivy. If you come into contact with poison ivy, respond immediately and pour some vodka over the allergic reaction as quickly as possible. By doing this, you can reduce the burning, itching sensations ASAP.

4. It gives room diffusers a boost

Want to give your homemade room diffuser a boost? Add about 60 millilitres of vodka to an essential oil of your choice. This addition will make sure that the essential oil will remain at its peak scent for longer so you can enjoy the wonderful scent in your home.

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