6 tips for people whose homes never seem to be completely tidy


Is your house never really tidy?

Does this sound familiar to you? You’ve spent a lot of time tidying your home, but even when everything’s been put away it doesn’t seem completely neat and tidy. How do other people do it? No matter how much time you spend tidying, cleaning and straightening things, sometimes you simply can’t manage to make your home seem neat. These tips will help you out, though!

What’s the secret?

1. The kitchen

To keep the kitchen as neat as possible, you’ll need to spend a little time each day cleaning it. Try to store small appliances in cupboards or other places when you’re not using them so as to keep the counters empty. Not using it every day? Put it away. Making a smoothie in the blender every day? Then you can keep in on the counter. Are you actually only using it once a week? Put it in a cupboard or closet.

2. Cleaning products where you need them

Put a bucket or box with cleaning products in the bathroom, so you can clean the sink right away every time it starts to get remotely dirty. This will save a lot of time and your bathroom will always be clean. Do the same thing for the kitchen. It’s much better to wipe down the counters and stove every day than to just do it when it’s really necessary.

3. Put away clutter

Is your home clean and tidy but does it still seem messy somehow? Take a critical look at your side tables and shelves. Is there clutter and knick-knacks everywhere? Maybe you should tone it down a little. Throw out the things that aren’t of any value to you and try to keep it minimalistic. Straighten books and DVDs; this can make a huge difference. Plus, it’ll also save you time when you’re dusting: the fewer things you’ve got on the tables and shelves, the fewer things you’ll have to move when you’re dusting.

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