You should definitely throw THESE kitchen items into the bin!

kitchen items

These kitchen items deserve a one way ticket to the bin

The kitchen is our favourite place at home. Cooking, bakingtasting: keeping busy in the kitchen is a form of relaxation for us. Because of all these culinary adventures, though, we’ve compiled quite a collection of kitchen items – but we use only about half of them.

All of these items make your kitchen seem much more messy than necessary, which makes it hard to find the things you do need. Take a rummage through your kitchen cabinets; you’ll see that you don’t really need the following items. So, it’s a one way ticket to the charity shop, the bin, or someone you know who would like these items.

Items you never use
It’s a fun gadget, that cupcake maker. But when’s the last time you used it? In your enthusiasm you might have thought you’d be using it every week, but now it’s been left unused in a cupboard for ages, gathering dust. With items like these, ask yourself: will you use them again? If not, get rid of it.

Plastic grocery bags
It happens way too often to us: we go to the supermarket and when we’re in line at the cash register, we realise we’ve forgotten to take a bag with us. Again. There’s nothing left to do but buy a plastic bag, because we do have to get our groceries home somehow. The result: a huge pile of plastic bags in the kitchen. It’s not just annoying, but bad for the environment as well, because they usually end up in the bin. Try taking a reusable shopping bag with you from now on! You could also put another shopping bag in your car, so you’ve always got one with you.

Everything you’ve gotten for free
Do you always keep the chopsticks, packets of soy sauce, plastic salad forks and napkins you get for free with your take out? Don’t! The next time you order food, you’ll get even more free stuff, and you don’t ever use it anyway. Just throw it out!

Knives you never use
Through the years, you gather a lot of kitchen knives, but even a professional chef doesn’t need more than three to five. So, keep a peeler, a bread knife and a large chef’s knife. You can take the rest to a thrift store or give it to a friend!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels