Here’s how to prevent and eliminate pests in your carpet or rug


Some insects love to settle in your carpet

Do you suffer from mosquitoes, ants or fruit flies in the house? We prefer not to share our home with insects, and we use all kinds of remedies to get small pests out the door as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, pests can also settle in your carpet or rug, where they are more difficult to find. These are the types you can encounter on the floor, and this is how you get rid of them.


We already know about moths in our wardrobes: the infamous moth. These dusty critters love dark places to lay their eggs and love to eat carpets. So, you’ll often find them on the carpet under the sofa or other furniture. It is therefore extremely important to always vacuum the areas under your furniture. This way you suck up the eggs before they can hatch. You can also spray a mixture of lavender oil and water on your carpet. This smells good to us, but moths stay away from this smell. Is it already too late? If so, spray your carpet with a moth repellent and vacuum your carpet thoroughly. Then immediately change the vacuum cleaner bag and put the old bag out the door before the new eggs hatch in it.

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