Here’s how to prevent and eliminate pests in your carpet or rug

Carpet beetle

This tiny beast can wreak havoc on furniture and woolen carpets. Again, vacuuming regularly can best prevent this pest. If possible, wash rugs every now and then, according to the instructions on the care label. Carpet beetles are also attracted to old bird nests and dead animals. So, check your roof and gutters every now and then and remove any nests or dead birds. Carpet beetles do not survive a carpet wash if the water temperature is greater than 60 degrees, and can also be controlled by applying boric acid.


These creepy bugs can also enter your home. Mop spilled food immediately to avoid your floors becoming attractive to ants. On a positive note, ants can often be traced back to their nest. Do you see a hole in the ground with loose soil or sand around it? Pour a lot of boiling water into this hole, or use a pesticide if necessary.


Fleas are almost inevitable if you have a pet running around the house. You will often find these insects where your dog or cat regularly sleeps. Therefore, vacuum these places very often. Regularly check your pet for fleas. You can make an anti-flea remedy yourself with dish soap or apple cider vinegar. This prevents the pests from settling in your carpet.

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image: Unsplash