This is why you should pour your boiled egg water on the soil of your plants


Your plants will be grateful!

Do you always immediately throw away the water you’ve boiled your eggs in? We used to do that, too, but it turns out that’s a huge waste! Apparently, you can make your plants very happy with that water. That’s because when you’re boiling eggs, the water is enriched with a certain by-product that turns out to be very beneficial to your green friends. We bet you’ll be saving the water from your boiled eggs from now on!

The calcium in the water has a positive effect on your plants.


Eggshells contain calcium. During the boiling process, the calcium ends up in the water and your green plant friends just happen to love calcium! The mineral causes the pH value of the earth to be maintained. When the earth has a good pH balance, the plant will be able to absorb a lot of nutrients and that means it will grow better and faster.


Before we get into the specifics of this handy trick; did you know eggshells are very useful as well? If you’re trying to deal with slugs, snails and worms eating away at the flowers and plants in your garden, this might help you out. Crunch up some eggshells and sprinkle them around your plants. Vermin don’t like eggshells, so they will stay away from your plants from now on.

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