This house number decreases your home’s value! Did you know this?

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Take advantage of this house number!

Buying a home takes a whole lot of time and work. There’s the mortgage to think of, fixing up the place and the actual moving process. Before you take care of all those things, though, you have to buy the house itself. Are you looking for a house to buy? Don’t just look at the location, the garden or the interior, but also at the house number.

The house number can mean a lot for your home’s value!

Did you ever stop to consider that your house number might mean something for its value? We certainly didn’t. Irish property website Daft has done research into this and their results show that it definitely makes a difference! Their analysis shows that homes with the number 13 usually sell for a lot less money.

Price difference
The number doesn’t directly decrease the value of your home, but instead, if you want to be purchasing a house for less money, it’s actually smart to go for a home with number 13. Daft‘s research shows that houses with this number are cheaper by 1.8 percent on average. This seems like a small amount, but since house prices are often at least over the 100.000 mark, that 1.8 percent can account for quite some money! For example, let’s say you want to buy a house that’s worth €240,000, but you can also buy the house next door, which happens to be number 13. If this house is 1.8 percent cheaper, that means you’ll have to pay €4320 less! That’s enough of a difference if you ask us!

This difference in price most likely has to do with the superstition that’s attached to the number 13. They say number 13 means bad luck, and apparently there are quite a lot of people who don’t want to buy a home with that number, subconsciously or not. Another remarkable detail is the fact that a lot people don’t want to buy a house on Friday the thirteenth. Daft‘s research shows that 10 percent fewer houses are sold on Friday the thirteenth than on any other day.

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Source: Her | Image: Pixabay