14 ways you can use Ziplock bags

And that’s more than you would think

They are ideal: transparent bags with a sealable zipper, better known as Ziplock bags. They come in endless varieties, from large to small. Chances are you already use these handy pouches, probably in the kitchen, but did you know you can use them in many more places? Here are some useful tips.


We often have the necessary packing stress when we travel. The tips below can really be a life saver when packing, but also at the holiday destination itself. And all you need are simple Ziplock bags.

1. Important papers

Put all your important papers, such as passports and tickets, in a sealed Ziplock bag. You often have to show these types of documents and it is useful if you have everything at hand. An additional advantage: everything stays clean and tidy in the bag.

2. No mess

Shampoo, shower gel and sunscreen, you can’t live without them. Unfortunately, these are products are very runny and leak quickly. Therefore, put liquid toiletries in a Ziplock bag. In the unlikely event that they leak, you won’t have a big mess to clean.

3. Create an overview

Create the most organized suitcase ever by dividing all clothing into larger Ziplock bags. Socks together, underwear together, swimwear together… After the holidays, the plastic bags are also ideal for your dirty laundry.

4. Sand and water

Take a few extra Ziplock bags with you in your suitcase because they will also come in handy at your holiday destination. For example, you can put your valuables in one when you go to the beach. This way you prevent everything from being covered with sand after a wonderful day at the beach. Afterwards you can, of course, also put your wet swimwear and towels in the bag.


Ziplock bags are not only useful when traveling, they are also useful all year round at home.

5. Small items

Ziplock bags are ideal for storing the smallest things. Think of earrings, paper clips or even change. In this way, small items can be nicely organized and easily found, instead of everything being mixed up.

6. Collect all parts

Do you often lose parts that belong together? That is a thing of the past, if you put things together in a Ziplock bag. Think of puzzle pieces, Lego blocks and craft supplies.

7. Chargers

Today, we have houses full of electrical appliances. All those devices need to be charged and that’s why you probably have a mountain of chargers, which are always tangled in one way or another. This problem will soon be a thing of the past if you keep each charger in a small Ziplock bag.

8. Ice pack

You’d prefer not to need them, but ice packs are always useful. You can easily make these yourself by putting a wet sponge or washcloth in a Ziplock bag. Make sure to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible before closing it completely. Put it in the freezer and you are prepared for anything.

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