Wow! So THIS is what your sleeping position can say about your health!

sleeping position

Not every sleeping position is good for you!

Everyone sleeps differently; there are loads of positions in bed to sleep in. Some people like sleeping on their sides on a waterbed, others prefer sleeping on their backs on a hard mattress – but we all do it. We spend about a third of our lives asleep, which is a lot!

But what’s the best position to sleep in?


Sleeping is very important for your body and mind; in a way, you’re charging yourself. That’s why sleep deprivation can have negative consequences; it can affect your memory, your concentration, your reaction time, your decisiveness, your emotions and your physical well-being. So, sleeping is good for you. But not just that, your sleeping position can also have a positive or negative influence on your body.


Try to get at least six hours of sleep every night. Research has shown that sleeping less than six hours is just as bad for you as skipping a whole night’s sleep. It’s okay if this happens once in a while, but even after two weeks of sleeping too little, you will notice a difference in your mind and body. You might think that you function normally after a rough night, but this is actually not the case.

Sleeping position

All people can be divided into roughly three categories: those who sleep on their stomach, those who sleep on their back and those who sleep on their side. Your sleeping position can be good for your mind and body, but it can also cause ailments.

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