This abused dog is scared of everyone except his baby best friend… This is too cute!


Baby’s best friend

When Elizabeth Spence and her husband took in Nora, a 9-year-old English Pointer, she was a trembling wreck. The poor dog was abused so badly that she is afraid of everything and everyone, with one incredibly cute exception. Elizabeth’s baby son Archie and Nora are the best of friends, with the cutest pictures ever as a result.

Nora and Archie do everything together.

Big family
Elizabeth and her husband don’t like saying no to animals who need new homes, especially those that nobody else wants to take in. That’s why, next to their three children, they also have six rescue pets. Elizabeth told The Dodo: “At any time of day you’re likely to find a pile of kids, cats and/or dogs lying about the house somewhere.” Nora is one of three dogs in the household, and is terrified of everything except Archie. “Archie is an extremely laid-back, happy, good-natured baby all the animals seem to really respond to that, particularly Nora,” Elizabeth said.

Best buds
Nora follows Archie everywhere he goes: when Archie is up to something, the dog will be there with him. “If Archie is having a bath, Nora is lying on the bath mat waiting for him to get out,” Elizabeth said. “If he’s going through my cupboards throwing all the dishes on the floor, she’ll be there cheering him on.” There just seems to be something about Archie that makes Nora feel safe.

Elizabeth has an Instagram account where she posts loads of adorable photos of her beautiful family. You can follow her here, but we’ll share a few of her amazing snaps below!

Archie & Nora, working for the weekend ?? #whpispyemojis . #nappingwithnora #rescuedog #adoptdontshop

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Enough said ? . #nappingwithnora (and Jack!) #rescuedog #rescuecat #adoptdontshop

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Source: The Dodo | Images: Instagram Elizabeth Spence