Wow: Try adding a ball of aluminium foil to your dryer when doing laundry! This is amazing!


Doing laundry will never be the same with these tips

Are you like us, and do you procrastinate doing laundry? At least you’re not alone. It’s not a fun chore and no one looks forward to going on the hunt for missing socks. Or folding T-shirts. It’s just no fun at all. Luckily, you can make things a lot easier for yourself by adding a ball of aluminium foil to your dryer!

Mom hacks
Lucky for us, some people put their money where their mouth is and go in search of useful tips to make doing laundry easier for everyone. Especially when you’ve got a bunch of kids roaming around the house, some tips are more than welcome. ‘Mom Hacks’ has made a video with a whole range of laundry tips and tricks and has put it on YouTube for all of us to watch and learn. We’re very grateful to them!



While we’re on the topic of aluminium foil, did you know that there is no reason whatsoever for one side of the foil being shiny and the other being dull? A lot of people think there’s a difference between the two sides, but that turns out not to be true. It’s been said that the dull side is a better conductor because the surface is flatter. That would mean the shiny side retains heat better, making it more useful when preparing meat or fish in the oven. It might sound credible, but it’s not true at all! One side being dull and the other shiny is simply a result of the manufacturing process. That’s all!

Using aluminium foil in the washing machine or tumble dryer isn’t harmful to the machines. Your clothes won’t be static anymore, because the foil will absorb all of the electric charge. That means your clothes will be less prone to fluff and dirt clinging to it.

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