This is how bubble wrap can help you keep your home warm during winter

Bubble wrap

All you need for this insulation is bubble wrap and a bit of water. Cut off a piece of bubble wrap the same size as the window you want to insulate. Use a spray bottle to spray a bit of water onto the bubbly side of the bubble wrap as well as onto the window. Now, press the bubble wrap with the damp side onto the window and that’s it! Your insulation is done! Within a few seconds, the bubble wrap will stick and it’ll stay put the entire winter. In spring, when it’s starting to get warmer again, you can just pull it off. Ideal, right? No high costs, it’s done in a few seconds and, best of all: you’ll notice it right away in the morning! This way it’ll be much easier to get out of bed and your home will no longer feel like ice in the morning.

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Source: Libelle | Image: video still Youtube

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